Jared Goff has a message for the Dan Campbell doubters

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Jared Goff Detroit Lions

It is important for a quarterback to believe his head coach and there is no doubt about it that Detroit Lions starting QB Jared Goff believes in head coach Dan Campbell.

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By the time Campbell’s ‘unique’ introductory press conference with the Lions was completed, people either loved him and believed he was precisely the type of head coach the Lions needed, or they thought he was a complete baffoon who would end up being more of a sideshow than a winner.

It is still way too early to be giving any type of verdict on Campbell as a head coach, but from the outside looking in, it sure does seem like he is pulling all of the right strings and his players believe in him.

Jared Goff's confidence going into 2022 should be sky high

Jared Goff has a message for the Dan Campbell doubters

Jared Goff recently spoke to Peter King of Football Morning in America and he assured everyone that the players are “all-in” on Dan Campbell and his plan.

“People outside the building can’t see it, obviously,” Goff told me. “But we have a plan, and we’re all-in. People see some of what Dan says, and that’s great. But I can tell you—Dan knows what the hell he’s talking about, and he’s got the respect of that [locker] room.”

Campbell told King that what happened with the Lions in 2021 “won’t be in vain.”

“2021 won’t be in vain, I promise you that,” Campbell told me after this spring practice I saw.

“I know that people are probably tired of hearing foundation and the culture, but I do feel like we set that in year one. I do feel like that for us was the primary goal. We have to create our own style, our own identity, our own culture of who we are, what we accept, what we don’t accept, and now let’s build from there. Now, in year two, we feel like we have that foundation built now. Let’s start stacking on top of it.”

Folks, say what you want about Dan Campbell when it comes to in-game coaching, but you cannot say that his players do not believe him and will not battle to the death for him.

Buckle up!

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