Jared Goff: King in the North

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    I am not ready to buy a Jared Goff jersey, but he has earned my respect. Jared Goff is having an impressive stretch as the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, leading the NFL in passer rating and touchdowns and not having thrown an interception since week nine against the Packers.

    Why it Matters: Goff's success has contributed to the Lions' strong performance in recent games and has solidified his role as the best quarterback in the NFC North this season. His comfort, confidence in the offense, and improved decision-making have played vital roles in his success.

    Jared Goff king in the north
    Stats via Erik Schlitt

    Jared Goff has been the best quarterback in the NFL in the past month, leading the league in passer rating and touchdowns and not throwing a single interception. He is also the top quarterback in the NFC North this season, ranking first in various statistical categories such as passer rating, total quarterback rating, touchdowns, interceptions, yards per attempt, and net yards per attempt. Goff attributes his success to his comfort, confidence in the offense, and strong relationship with his coordinator.

    "I think confident and comfortable is the best way to describe it," he said. "I don’t want to say (the game) feels slower, but where we’re at with our offense right now, I’m so comfortable and Ben and I are so much on the same page. Every time he calls a play, I know why he’s calling it, what the reason is, what defense we’re expecting. You’re just so much ahead of where we’ve been in the past, and it allows me to play pretty freely and pretty comfortable.”

    Jared Goff By the Numbers

    jared goff
    (1) Detroit Lions PR on Twitter: "The most games with a passer rating of 120.0+ by a @Lions QB in a single season: 1t. Jared Goff (4; 2022) 1t. Greg Landry (4; 1972) 1t. Bill Munson (4; 1968) #OnePride" / Twitter
    • Since the beginning of December, Goff has led the NFL in passer rating (113.0) and touchdowns (12).
    • Goff is the first among NFC North quarterbacks in passer rating (100.1), total quarterback rating (62.6), touchdowns (29), interceptions (7), yards per attempt (7.6), and net yards per attempt (7.1).
    • Goff's interception rate of 1.3% is a career-low and ranks fourth in the NFL, while Aaron Rodgers is 15th, Kirk Cousins is 19th, and Justin Fields is 32nd.
    jared goff
    Jared Goff | Detroit Lions QB | NFL and PFF stats | PFF

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