Jared Goff provides new info on epic Penei Sewell catch

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff recently revealed some deeper information about Penei Sewell's amazing catch against the Minnesota Vikings.

During his recent appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff provided an intriguing insight into the much-talked-about catch by offensive tackle Penei Sewell during their game against the Minnesota Vikings. The mastermind behind this unexpected play, according to Goff, was offensive coordinator Ben Johnson.

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Jared Goff provides new info on epic Penei Sewell catch

Johnson's intention was to get the ball to Sewell, an idea that had been brewing since the Monday of the game week. In the midst of the Vikings' attempts to mount a comeback by stopping the clock, Johnson used this time to instruct Sewell on how to secure the catch and maintain possession. Even as Goff passed on the instructions to Sewell, left guard Jonah Jackson assured Goff that Sewell was well-prepared for the task at hand.

“That was a little nugget he thought about on Monday of that week I remember we were talking about it — how he was just like, I want to get Penei the ball somehow, how can we get Penei the ball,” Goff said.

“They kept calling time out in between each play because they were trying to stop the clock and get the ball back … and in between every time the one before we threw it to Penei, Ben’s telling me hey, tell Penei, calm down, make sure to just tell him to secure the catch and get the fist down, don’t go out of bounds,” Goff said.

“So I’m giving him all this information, ‘Hey, just catch the ball,’ and then our left guard Jonah Jackson looks at me and he goes, ‘Yo, chill out, he’s good,’” Goff said.

Key Points

  • It was offensive coordinator Ben Johnson's idea to throw the ball to Sewell.
  • Johnson told Goff to make sure that Sewell was calm
  • Jonah Jackson's reassured Goff that Sewell was good to go

Bottom Line – Unraveling the Thread of the Spectacular Catch

The insight provided by Goff on the Penei Sewell catch paints a vivid picture of a memorable game moment that showcases the strategic brilliance of The Evil Genius, Ben Johnson. It also reminds us of the versatility of Penei Sewell, who is clearly an amazing athlete, even at his size. The question is, will Johnson have another play or two for Sewell during the upcoming 2023 season?


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