Jared Goff says Detroit Lions are built for games like this

Jared Goff says Detroit Lions are built for games like this: Goff knows the Lions offense did not click on all cylinders on Thursday night, but it did not matter.

Jared Goff says Detroit Lions are built for games like this

In a thrilling start to the NFL season, the Detroit Lions secured a remarkable 21-20 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. After the game, Lions' quarterback Jared Goff, who extended his streak of interceptions-free passes, addressed the media. While acknowledging that the Lions had not displayed their best performance, particularly on the offensive front, Goff highlighted that they are “built for games like this.” Despite their imperfections, the Lions showcased their ability to secure wins when faced with adversity.

Detroit Lions are built for games Jared Goff

What did Jared Goff say?

Goff knows the Lions have to be better on offense, but he also knows that this team is built for games where they have to battle until the final seconds run off the clock.

“We just didn’t play our best ball today,” Jared Goff said. “We kind of got away with one in some ways, but that’s what good teams do. When you don’t play your best, but you find a way in the fourth quarter to get a stop on defense, to get a first down on offense, to make those catches that Josh (Reynolds) made and be able to score on that long drive we had. That’s what we’re starting to become now and it’s a good feeling.”

“Yeah, it’s special,” Goff said. “I think we’re to the point now where we are built for an environment like this, to go on the road, to anywhere and pull out a win. Even if it’s ugly, it’s a win. We’re happy about it.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions clinched a hard-fought 21-20 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs in their NFL season opener.
  2. Jared Goff recognized the team's shortcomings but praised their resilience and capability to win, even in less-than-ideal situations.
  3. This win reflects the Lions' growth as a team and their readiness to face challenging circumstances.
5 Keys to a Lions win

Bottom Line – Lions Embrace Gritty Wins

While the Lions' victory over the Chiefs was undoubtedly a statement win, Jared Goff and the team recognize that it's just one step in their journey. With 10 days to prepare for their next matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, there's room for improvement. However, Goff's confidence in their ability to win, even in less-than-ideal circumstances, reflects the Lions' evolving identity as a resilient and determined team. This win is a promising indicator of their future prospects in Detroit.

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