Jared Goff Soars in latest NFL QB Rankings

Jared Goff, the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, has surprised the NFL by jumping from 23rd to 8th in quarterback rankings according to NFL.com's Marc Sessler. Goff had a strong season, throwing for 4,438 yards, 29 touchdowns, with only seven interceptions and seven fumbles. This is a 15-spot improvement from his 2022 ranking and was unexpected, as Goff was expected to have a decent year, but not one this strong.  

“Goff was a candidate for a sturdy campaign behind a rough-and-tumble line that planned to pound people on the ground. Still, nobody expected him to torch defenses for 29 touchdowns against just seven interceptions. That included a nine-game pick-free streak to close the year, leaving Lions management to all but anoint the Rams castoff as their guy going forward.”

Jared Goff NFL QB Rankings

Key points:

  • Jared Goff improved his ranking from 23rd to 8th in quarterback rankings.
  • He threw for 4,438 yards, 29 touchdowns, with seven interceptions.
  • Goff's strong performance was unexpected.
  • The Detroit Lions are all-in on Goff.
  • Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson's new scheme contributed to Goff's success.
  • The Lions management has anointed Goff as their guy going forward.  

The Big Picture: Jared Goff's Future as Lions' Quarterback 

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Jared Goff's unexpected rise in quarterback rankings matters because it changes the narrative around him. After leaving the Los Angeles Rams, Goff was thought to be a castoff who would struggle to find success in the NFL. However, with his impressive season, Goff has proven that he has what it takes to be a top quarterback in the league. The Lions are also all-in on Goff, and his success is crucial to the team's future success.   

Goff's stats show that he had an excellent season, with a high number of passing yards and touchdowns, while limiting turnovers. These numbers demonstrate his ability to be a top quarterback in the NFL and contribute to the Lions' success.  

The Bottom Line – Goff's Redemption

Jared Goff's rise in quarterback rankings is a testament to his hard work and determination to prove himself after leaving the Rams. His success is crucial to the Lions' future, and if he continues to improve, he could become one of the top quarterbacks in the league. Goff's redemption story is an inspiration to all those who have been counted out and shows that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

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