Jared Goff wants Jameson Williams to play as soon as possible

Jared Goff is clearly excited about Jameson Williams making his NFL debut with the Detroit Lions.

Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions currently have the No. 8 ranked offense in the NFL in terms of total yardage and points scored per game, and rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams has not even played in a single game. When the Lions selected Williams with the No. 13 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, he said he planned to be ready by the start of training camp, but the Lions had other plans as they wanted to be extra cautious with their prized possession as he recovered from a torn ACL. Earlier this week, Lions quarterback Goff spoke to reporters, and he said he wants Williams to play as soon as possible.

Jared Goff Detroit Lions Jameson Williams

What did Jared Goff say about Jameson Williams?

Earlier this week, Goff spoke to reporters and he talked about how fast Williams is, comparing him to his former teammate, Brandin Cooks.

“He’s fast,” Jared Goff said in his Wednesday press conference. “He’s very fast. He’s very, very fast.”

“I mean Brandin Cooks is probably the fastest guy I’ve played with, and it’s a different type of speed though, and again, I haven’t seen him play in a real game, but [Williams is] longer,” Goff said. “He’s a stride guy. He’s got length. He’s got wingspan. Brandin was more just kind of a burner and has done that well for a long time, but Jameson, he can extend on guys. He can really make catches away from his body, that type of stuff. And how much he’s able to help us in the next six games, we’ll see, but certainly as a quarterback, you want him on the field as soon as possible.”

How long will it take for Jared Goff and Jameson Williams to get on the same page?

Goff also said he's not sure what the adjustment period will be for him and Williams to get on the same page in terms of timing, etc.

“It depends on what routes he’s running and how much we’re using him, but yeah, we’ll see,” Goff said. “It’s like that with any player. It has nothing to do with how fast he is, but any guy you want to get those reps, and we got some today, which is always helpful and trying to start getting on the same page, and hopefully get him incorporated soon.”

We still don't know exactly when Williams will make his NFL debut for the Lions, but it is coming soon!