Can Jared Goff Win a playoff game to get him Long-Term security in Detroit?


A playoff win in Detroit equals Goff as long-term starter for Lions?

Jared Goff
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Would a Playoff Victory Secure Jared Goff's Long-term Job in Detroit?

David: I have to ask you the question though. And the question is, what do you think Jared Goff must do this season to secure the long-term job? What do you think he has to do to secure that job? Long term? 

Nick: I'll be honest. I don't know if that possibility exists of Jared Goff being the long-term guy. Because I think he would have to light it up this year for them to just totally ignore the quarterback position moving forward. And I think that's what it comes down to. 

David: Wait. I'm not saying ignore the quarterback position. They can very well go out next draft and use a third or fourth-round pick to improve the backup quarterback situation. 

Nick: I'm not thinking that. I'm thinking like they go get CJ Stroud from Ohio State or someone else that they're putting all of their eggs in. That, I think will happen. I think there's a very high chance it happens the way I said. 

And I think what the Lions' season hinges on the most this year is Goff balling out. Because Dan Campbell said the situation, at least offensively, is actually pretty solid. Good aligned, good running backs, pretty good wide receivers, all things considered. Especially once Jameson Williams comes back.

It's like, you stink again, you got nothing to say, brother. Because if I had to bet, if my apartment's on the line, Dave. I'm not betting that Jared Goff’s gonna set the world on fire this year. I hate to say it. I do. 

But I watch the game and I played QB in high school. Not that anything to do with an NFL quarterback, but like I've watched him play. I've seen him move. I've seen him trying to evade a pass rusher. Like you just need more, you need more from a guy that's plain and simple.

David: Obviously we're gonna have to agree to disagree here because here's the thing you said, Jared Goff needs to ball. And I do agree. Jared Goff needs to have a really good year this year. 

But I think that with the talent that's around him, there's a better chance of that happening than probably over the last three years ever since 2018 actually did happen.

Because here's the way I look at it. You have an offensive coordinator that is working directly with Jared Goff to build this offensive scheme for exactly his strengths. So there's that. 

You have a coach and a GM that have expressed utmost confidence in him. So you don't have to worry about the trust factor that was there in LA between him and fricking Sean McVay.

You've got a very young, talented, and deep wide receiver room. You've got a nice corral of running backs and you are behind one of the top five offensive lines. Because as far as I'm concerned, yes, what you said. If he does not do well this year, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. 

But in my mind, Jared Goff did well. Last year was substantially less. What I mean by that is over like the last six games. Again, most of his offensive line was dealing with injuries. 

D'Andre Swift was injured. T.J. Hockenson was injured. All he had to throw to was Josh Reynolds and Amon-Ra St. Brown. If he can do what he did with just them. And he's gonna have almost four or five times that much talent surrounding him to start the year. 

I think it's a foregone conclusion that he is going to do better. Because the question that's on everybody's mind is how much better is he gonna do? Is he gonna recapture that 2018 form? I, again, am more optimistic and believe that he can do it.

That is my opinion. And I get it. There are some people that don't agree with me. That is totally fine. That's what that's why having these discussions is a good thing. 

I just think that in my opinion, again, like we were just talking about a couple of minutes ago. Because let's just say hypothetically, the Lions win 9, or 10 games and they slip into the playoffs?

Okay, fine. You got into the playoffs. Can you win a playoff game? If Jared Goff wins a playoff game here in Detroit, at that point, you have to have that discussion. Because he'd be the first quarterback in Lions’ history since Eric Kramer to win a playoff game. I'm not saying it's gonna happen.

Nick: Detroit will not let the guy leave. Even if Dan Campbell wants him to. They will not let the guy leave. 

So if he wins a playoff game, nobody there are no more questions to be asked. And I agree he did improve at the end of last year. But it's like dude, I gotta see that over a 17-game span now. Not just six or whatever it was.

I know people were out and this and that and the other thing. But being the quarterback, making 30 million a year or whatever it is he makes. You go 0 and 8. 

Sure the O-line was a little banged up. Sure you didn't have any wide receivers. But when you’re 0 and 8, people are gonna be like it’s the QB. What’s the deal with the quarterback. Plain and simple.

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