Jarrad Davis ‘truly blessed’ to have avoided serious injury

The Detroit Lions like to say that they’re blessed to have quarterback Matthew Stafford – now it looks as though those blessings have extended towards injury prevention.

During Detroit’s pre-season tilt against the Buffalo Bills, middle linebacker Jarrad Davis suffered what appeared to be a serious-looking injury. Thankfully, it only turned out to be a high ankle sprain; the other possibility was a season-ending injury of broken bones.

“Just coming off the field, not being able to make it off on my own energy, then having to get carted off in front of everybody, it was very scary and it was very emotional for me, you know?” the Detroit Lions middle linebacker said. “Just because that’s my family. If I’m hurting and I can’t go, I still have to be able to make it off the field. And to not be able to do that is extremely tough.”

He’s on the active roster and was able to increase his practice load this week after taking it easy following the injury. Of course, he’s saying a prayer of thanks that he avoided a serious setback in his career.

“Man, just, you know, getting the MRI and seeing the results of that and just hearing the doctors explain all of that, it just — man, when I heard the news, I just had to thank God,” he said. “Because I feel like I was truly blessed.”

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