Javier Baez has ‘no idea’ how he hit incredible game-winning home run vs. Red Sox [Video]

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Javier Baez

Because of his aggressive nature, Detroit Tigers SS Javier Baez will have some ugly-looking at-bats this year, but he is also going to have plenty of at-bats that will end with the ball traveling a very long way.

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On Monday, Baez came up with one man on in the bottom of the eighth inning and he took one of the most violent swings you will ever see. The result was what ended up being the game-winning two-run home run to defeat the Boston Red Sox by a score of 3-1.

But what made the home run even more impressive was the fact that the pitch Baez walloped was well out of the strike zone. In fact, according to Statcast, the pitch was measured at 3.85 feet above the ground.

Following the game, Baez was asked how he was able to get on top of a ball that came in so high.

“That’s a good question,” Báez said. “I don’t know.”

Baez then explained that he was sitting fastball and got lucky.

“I was just sitting on a fastball,” Báez said. “I was just lucky I got to it, I guess. I was just focused. The biggest thing for me is being focused and trying to see the ball as much as I can.”

Tigers manager A.J. Hinch explained that sometimes pitchers try to exploit something against Baez multiple times in a row and it backfires for them.

“So many pitchers have tried to go higher than high,” manager AJ Hinch said. “There’s been some swing-and-miss in the past and there’s also a ton of damage. There’s a risk-reward when you go up there with Javy and you try to exploit something multiple times in a row.

“Javy got him today.” 

Baez and the Tigers will look to take the series against the Red Sox when they square off on Tuesday.

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