Javier Baez on Detroit Tigers: ‘We can surprise everyone’

The Detroit Tigers lost a tough one on Sunday against the St. Louis Cardinals, but shortstop Javier Baez is fired up about how the team has been playing as of late. The Tigers have won 13 of their past 22 games, and they look like a team that is having a lot of fun playing together.

Javier Baez Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • The Tigers have won 13 of their past 22 games and are playing well together as a team.
  • Baez believes the team can surprise everyone and wants to continue his own hot streak.
  • Baez is working on improving his plate discipline and staying focused to maintain his success.

Javier Baez on Detroit Tigers: ‘We can surprise everyone'

While speaking to reporters, Baez said the Tigers “can surprise everyone.”

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“We just got to keep it like that,” Báez, 30, said of the Tigers' recent success, which has included winning 13 of their past 22 games. “We got to keep playing like that. We can surprise everyone and make everybody trust what they're seeing here.”

Baez is determined to continue his hot streak

When the Tigers signed Baez to a 6-year, $140 million deal following 2021 season, I have to admit that I was a bit perplexed by the decision by then Tigers GM, Al Avila. My thought was that Baez was a great defender but his “free-swinging” mentality was not what the Tigers needed. During the 2022 season, Baez batted just .238 with 17 home runs and 67 RBIs, while striking out 147 times and walking on just 26 occassions. Baez followed that up by getting off to a rough start, but he has since turned thing around, and he wants that to continue.

“There are going to be ups and downs,” Báez told the Free Press, “but as long as I'm focused on the timing and the plate discipline and all this stuff, it really matters to me. I'm going to do what I'm going to do. I'm going to do good things, and I'm going to make my mistakes, and I'm going to make adjustments. But it's about staying on the same level of when you feel the best.

“I'm seeing the ball pretty well right now, but I think I can see it a little better, and I think I can stay focused a little longer so I can have more success. I'm just working on that. Everything is going good for me right now after a really slow start.”

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