Javier Baez Returns to Detroit Tigers, Feeling Rejuvenated

Javier Baez is back and he says his swing feels better

Javier Baez, after receiving an injection to address the inflammation and tightness in his back, likened the relief to fixing a flat tire. “It was a little like, off,” he said. “Now I’m straight. I feel good. My swing feels much better.”

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Back in Action

Javier Baez, who had been sidelined since June 8, was reinstated and returned to the lineup on Monday against the Guardians. Rookie shortstop Ryan Kreidler was sent back to Triple-A Toledo to make room for him. “Javy was in great spirits today,” manager AJ Hinch shared. “He’s anxious to get ready for the game. He did early work and feels completely healed from the issues with his back.”

Rehab Success and Comeback for Javier Baez

The 31-year-old Baez underwent rehab at the Tigers’ facility in Lakeland and with personal trainers in Tampa. He participated in four rehab games at Toledo, where he went 4-for-12 with a double and a home run. “I don’t know how to explain it,” Baez said. “I don’t feel pain. But it just didn’t let me swing back toward the pitcher. It didn’t let me lean back on my timing or contact point.”

The inflammation had been limiting his range of motion and affecting his swing. “After the shot and after the rehab, it just feels normal,” he explained. “I was hitting the ball to center field and off the wall. That’s my timing. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Positive Impact on the Team

Manager AJ Hinch emphasized Baez’s influence beyond the statistics. “A lot of the things he does don’t show up in the box score,” Hinch noted. “There is a presence that comes with Javy on the field and at shortstop during all plays. Obviously, the good version of him at the plate is what we’re searching for. But the other part of it is his calming presence at shortstop. The great plays are what we notice, but there are so many little things — talking through a relay play, the baseball acumen we talk about with Javy — we missed it. We missed his presence.”

Hinch expects Javier Baez to start six of the seven games before the All-Star break, without any major restrictions. However, he will closely monitor Baez’s condition. “I’m going to read and react off of him a little bit,” Hinch said. “If we can catch him in a good place and he’s feeling really good, he can help us win games.”

With Baez’s return and newfound confidence in his swing, the Detroit Tigers are hopeful for his significant contributions as they progress through the season. His presence is anticipated to enhance both the team’s defense and offensive dynamics.

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