J.D. Martinez and Detroit Tigers likely headed to arbitration

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Tigers outfielder J.D. Martinez had an All-Star season in 2015, hitting .282 with 38 home runs and 102 runs batted in.

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The Tigers are trying to work out a contract with Martinez, but, the two sides are roughly $2 million dollars apart. If a deal is not reached very soon an arbitration hearing will be scheduled.

Tigers GM Al Avila told the Detroit News that a hearing isn’t the end of the world:

“That doesn’t really play into this,” he said. “That’s more of a media thing. If you have to go (to arbitration), then you have to go.”

For his part, Martinez certainly is indicating his love for the Tigers:

“I want to be a Tiger for life. … This team gave me my opportunity, so I would love to stay here as long as I can and finish my career next to Miggy (Cabrera) and Victor (Martinez). That would be awesome.”

Wondering about how J.D. feels about new Tiger outfielder Justin Upton signing a long term deal? Martinez told ESPN that signing only makes the team stronger:

“I think it’s great for us. I was excited about it. I was like, ‘This is awesome. We have another bat in the lineup. It just makes our team that much better,’ ” Martinez said. “Everybody knows what he can do. I’ve been a fan of his for a while, just watching him and he’s a great ballplayer, so I’m really excited to have him here.”

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