Jeopardy! legend James Holzhauer explains how he won ‘massive’ amount of money betting on Detroit Tigers

If you happen to be a fan of Jeopardy! you have most definitely heard of the great James Holzhauer, who once won 32-straight times while averaging $75,000 per show.

On Tuesday, Holzhauer released his first article for The Athletic — he will be writing about sports betting — and he revealed how a future bet on the 2006 Detroit Tigers once won him a ‘massive’ amount of money.

From The Atheltic:

“Also in 2006, the Tigers were listed at 30-1 to win the division and 50-1 to win the AL pennant despite an 84-win projection in my spreadsheet. (While they actually blew a 12-game lead to lose the division race, I was able to hedge that bet for a massive return.)”

Holzhauer explain in his article how baseball lines were much softer back then, before things like FanGraphs and sabermetrics really started to gain traction.