Jim Brandstatter opines passionate defense of Bo Schembechler’s character

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Michigan Wolverines play by play man Jim Brandstatter reacted to the explosive allegations made by Matt Schembechler as well as former Wolverines Daniel Kwiatkowski and Gilvanni Johnson, in which the trio allege that legendary former coach Bo Schembechler ignored their having suffered sexual abuse at the hands of disgraced former doctor Robert Anderson.

In two separate interviews with WWJ News Radio 950 as well as 1290 WLBY, Brandstatter made clear that he was on the side of defending the honor of the late Schembechler, and implied that he believed it to be unfair that the allegations are being made against him when he's not here to defend himself.

Below are several quotes from the interviews:

“I got tremendous sympathy for those who suffered the misconduct of Dr. Anderson,” he said. “Don't get me wrong there, that conduct is inexcusable. But in my opinion to tie Bo to that is also wrong. Especially just on allegations. Let's face it, Bo is being convicted with no real documentable proof – just statements. My defense of Bo's integrity and character should carry as much weight – I think anyway, there are others out there who don't think so – but carry as much weight his accusers. In law, isn't every accused afforded the right to a vigorous defense? Well, Bo is gone now, and he has no defense.”

“I think Shemy Schembechler, his own naturally born son with Millie, and Cathy Schembechler and myself are beginning to prove that defense for a man we really truly respected.”

Brandstatter then referred to Glenn “Shemy” Schembechler, who issue a rebuttal to his brother Matt's comments on Friday.

“Matt Schembechler and Kwiatkowski, two of the three principles in the news conference – Shemy even came out, who is Matt's brother and another son of Bo, and said he didn't believe Matt. He called Bo, quote unquote, ‘as loving a person as you can imagine, and the Bo I knew would have taken care of the Anderson problem and found another doctor, it would have been that easy'. I feel the same way that Shemy does. If Bo knew about this stuff, there's no way he would have let it continue. Especially with his, you know, players or his family – that stuff, in my judgement, wouldn't happen.”

“Think about the people that are the most – the highest contributors for instance, to the University of Michigan. They're probably in the ages of 45-50 to 75-80. They probably contribute a whole lot of money. And if one of their icons is – they feel unjustly being prosecuted, I don't know if they'll be as friendly with their money. Who knows? I don't know. I'm just saying that I know a lot of people are disappointed that the University hasn't come to the defense of some of these guys, but we're in a society and environment of wokeness that, again, you and I both talked about, putting a bullseye on your back if you come out and defense someone.”

Brandstatter then appeared to imply that the accusers could simply be looking for a monetary payout.

“What are you suing for? There's a motivation. What's the motivation? Well, you and I can talk about it, you just said it. Fear of being labeled the guy who is accusing the accuser – same thing with me. I just – Just ask the question. How much is there a compensatory, monetary settlement that you're looking for? There's a motivation there, I would think. I'm not trying to be mean or lawyer-like. I'm just saying, that's a question that should be asked.”

Finally, Brandstatter appeared to question the integrity of Kwiatkowski's testimony due to the fact that the former was dismissed from the football team due to a drug issue:

“One of the players who made the charges against him, Dan Kwiatkowski, was dismissed from the football team in 1980 because of drug related issues that he had within the team. He said – I don't want to attack the accuser, there's a fine line you walk when you do that.”

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