Jim Caldwell Pushes for Replay Expansion

After a controversial no-call played a significant role in his team’s 24-20 loss to the Dallas Cowboys this past weekend, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell remained critical of the current replay system Monday afternoon.

Addressing a key fourth quarter exchange that initially saw the Lions earn a first down following a pass interference penalty – only for that call to be suddenly rescinded – Caldwell affirmed his belief that technology should have a larger role when it comes to getting a call right.

“I do think in this day and age, with modern times where we have technology that can take out the human factor in certain key situations in big games, that we should use that technology to do so,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell agreed with the assessment provided by the NFL’s Vice President of Officiating, Dean Blandino. Blandino maintained that while a pass interference call was up for debate, the defensive holding committed by Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hutchins was much more straightforward and should have drawn a whistle. Further, Blandino clarified that Dez Bryant’s helmet-less foray onto the field did not warrant an automatic penalty, as he was not currently in the game. Officials have discretion when dolling out a penalty in this particular situation.

Still, consistent with Blandino’s admission of a missed defensive holding call, Caldwell feels it was an opportunity missed.

“The fact of the matter is it is a controversial call,” Caldwell said. “And without question was one that [was] probably not officiated correctly, in my estimation.

“Perhaps, from this endeavor, we’ll find a way to maybe improve that portion of the game.”

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