Jim Delany fails Michigan and Big Ten in response to NCAA satellite camp ban

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The NCAA made its ruling on banning satellite camps for college football programs very swiftly. The ruling went in favor by a vote of 6-4, with the Big Ten, American Athletic Conference, Conference USA, and the MAC voting to keep satellite camps while the SEC, ACC, PAC-12, Big-12, Mountain West Conference, and Sun Belt Conference voting to shut them down.

In the aftermath of the ruling, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany made a statement to USA Today regarding this ruling:

” That’s part of the (system) we signed on for,” he said. “No reaction beyond that. You always would like to win rather than to lose a vote — I don’t care whether it’s in a court or legislature or an asseHABAUGHmbly of people. You go with the system that’s in place, and so I support that, respect that and move on. (Coaches will) pick up recruitment; satellite camps are off the table, but presumably everything else is on it.”

I will try to be tempered in my response. But I must say, Jim Delany has failed all of us in the Big Ten, and we need to call him out for it.

That statement bothers me a lot because it is extremely casual, nonchalant, and non-combative. Delany and the entire Big Ten has been bullied away from an essential part of recruiting simply because the SEC and ACC didn’t like it.

There’s nothing illegal, illegitimate, or vindictive in what Jim Harbaugh and future universities efforts would entail. The point of the satellite camp is to give exposure to minor conference football teams and those outside of that geographic region to potential recruits to way their options.

The NCAA ruling was made because the SEC and ACC couldn’t handle the fact that the Big Ten, in particular, was landing on their turf. The problem is that the NCAA should be a governing body for all, not just a select few. Despite this, however, the leader of our conference and a voice for the three other conferences that wished to take part in this balked at the chance to say something important.

Delany took the agreeable and non-combative approach even though his conference just got screwed out of a potentially powerful and impactful recruiting practice. Delany decides to go with the ruling and be passive instead of calling out the “BS”.Yes Fans throughout the Midwest and specifically in the state of Michigan are fired up after this ruling. They have no say however in how this process goes. Delany has power. Delany has a say and can move the needle. The fact that he decides to be passive and let his schools get walked on only opens the door for the NCAA to do the same again. Lions fans

The fact that he decides to be passive and let his schools get walked on only opens the door for the NCAA to do the same again. Lions fans know all too well what it feels like when the person supposed to represent you plays it safe instead of saying something and yelling foul when there’s something aloof.

I am a Spartan but I am extremely mad on behalf of the entire Big Ten and my rivals in Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan got royally screwed and now Jim Delany is as much to blame for his response as the NCAA is in backing the SEC and ACC in this matter.

There is definite collusion and now I am fearful it will happen to the Big Ten again.


Delany statement and NCAA ruling details taken from report.

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