Jim Harbaugh addresses controversial decision during Michigan’s win over Rutgers

Survive and advance.

It was not pretty on Saturday afternoon but that is not something Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is interested in as the Wolverines held on to defeat Rutgers 20-13 at the ‘Big House’ in Ann Arbor.

During the closing seconds of the first half, Harbaugh made a controversial decision when Michigan had the ball on the Rutgers two-and-a-half-yard line.

The Wolverines had five seconds remaining on the clock but rather than trying to punch it in for a touchdown, Harbaugh made the decision to kick a field goal and take the points.

Following the decision, a plethora of people hopped on social media to discuss the controversial call.

Harbaugh spoke to reporters after the conclusion of the game and he explained his thought process and how he believes his decision was the correct one.

From Wolverines Wire:

“Had the ball on the two-and-a-half yard line. Tried the first one to run it in. We had nine seconds, we had two timeouts in our possession. We knew we could run at least two, maybe three plays — it was 16 seconds, I believe. And then — probably should have — the one we threw, that was open. We should’ve hit that. And then we didn’t. Five seconds? That’s dicey. That’s dicey to run a play and still be able to kick the field goal if you don’t get the touchdown. So, decided to get the three points and it ended up being a good three points to have as the game fared.”

Nation, do you think Harbaugh made the correct decision on Saturday?

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