Jim Harbaugh explains ‘Clint Eastwood’ win for Michigan over Nebraska

It was a battle until the final moments but when all was said and done, Jim Harbaugh and his still undefeated Michigan team pulled out a 32-29 win over Nebraska.

The Wolverines had not trailed all season, until the second half against the Cornhuskers, and after the game was over, Harbaugh was asked if he was curious about how his team would respond to a deficit. Harbaugh said it was a “Clint Eastwood win!”

From WolverinesWire:

“Yeah, I knew they wouldn’t flinch! Like I said, some incredible athletes. Brad Hawkins, incredible play he made — stripping that ball in the end and picking it up. Dax Hill’s interception — incredible. Some of the throws Cade made — incredible. Could go right down the list. Talk about the fight of the guards, the offensive guards. Zak Zinter went as long as he could. Trevor Keegan’s shoulder had been bothering him. The toughness, the grit. And the guys that were — Chuck Filiaga played both guards tonight. Karsen Barnhart came in and had an amazing game — he played both guards. Reece Atteberry — I think we had five guards that played in the game. And not a single negative yard rushing by any of our running backs.

“Incredible run by Hassan Haskins, the one early in the game. I’ve never seen one spotted nine feet short of the spot! That was the first time I’ve seen that. Maybe that was — he’s incredible in terms of the ways he keeps his balance. Maybe — just said we’re challenging it. That spot was way short. Finally was able to get them to blow the whistle and challenge it.

“Yeah, that was a Clint Eastwood win! We’re gonna enjoy it!”