Jim Harbaugh has eyebrow-raising comparison for 2022 Michigan Football team

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh had quite the comparison for the 2022 Wolverines squad following their win over UConn.

On Saturday afternoon, Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines easily disposed of Connecticut in what was the final game of their cupcake preseason schedule.

When asked if his team is ready for the Big Ten season, which begins next weekend for the Wolverines, Harbaugh said the following.

“We’ll find out, right? We definitely come out of this one with some things to work on, as well. Just the improvement you’re seeing in so many different areas of our team. Even from game one to game three, guys that are hungry to play — starters, backups, guys on the third string. Scratch and claw and fighting to get better and to play and contribute, it’s a fun thing to coach when you’ve got as many guys that have done that and really train themselves to be where they are. I think you’d probably agree it’s a good looking team. That’s come from really training and working at it. Just so many guys on the team. 101 played today and that’s fun to go every day. The day to day for me is really good when you’re around that many players that — you’ve gotta pull them back, I really do. You don’t have to ever talk them into anything, you have to pull back from time to time. It’s cool. We’re trying to keep it going, keep training.”

Jim Harbaugh has eyebrow-raising comparison for 2022 Michigan Football team

Jim Harbaugh then gave quite the comparison for the 2022 Michigan Football team.

“Yeah, I like the team a lot. A good friend of mine, Jay Nordlinger — who I grew up with, was always on the same baseball teams and things like that, we’ve always remained friends — he’s got a great great way with words, always has, writing for the National Review — editor, senior editor,” Harbaugh said. “He sent me a great text this week and it really resonated with me. He said he just can’t wait to watch Michigan football and it reminds him of the days of Rick Leach and Harlan Huckleby and Anthony Carter and that’s the way he feels about this team. And I do as well. I’ve got that same feeling about this team.

Nation, do you think the 2022 Michigan Wolverines can get back to the College Football Playoff?