Jim Harbaugh makes case for Michigan EDGE Aidan Hutchinson being the No. 1 overall pick

In 2021, the Michigan Wolverines had a hell of a season, and a big reason why was the play and leadership of EDGE rusher, Aidan Hutchinson.

Hutchinson is expected to be one of the first players selected in the 2022 NFL Draft and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh believes he should be THE first player taken.

Harbaugh recently spoke with Sports 610 Radio in Houston and he made a case as to why he believes Hutchinson should be the first player selected in the 2022 NFL Draft.

From The Wolverine:

“Relentless. He’s a relentless player,” Harbaugh said. “He does not take a play off. It’s every single play — he’s all-out. And then I watch him in practice — he’s the same way, every single day.

“It’s kind of interesting, our strength coach, Ben Herbert, was the strength coach at Wisconsin. He’s been asked that question, and I’ve asked him, ‘who would you compare him to?’ He said he would compare him to the Watt brothers. J.J. Watt is who he compared him to, in his mind, somebody that was with him as both a strength coach at Michigan and Wisconsin.”

“There’s the relentless play, the high motor that everybody can relate to,” Harbaugh said. “He’s all-out, all the time. But the talent is there, the production is there. You have to look at that he set the single-season record in sacks. I think he had the most pressures in the country when you talk about getting to the quarterback. He can physically stop the run and play the edge, as well. He’s a tremendous talent.”

“The intangibles are off the chart, as well,” he explained. “In terms of leadership, in terms of bringing other guys along, the work ethic, the intelligence.

“And then you’re talking about a 6-6, 268 pounds, runs extremely well — freakish in his balance and his athleticism.

“There’s nothing not to love about Aidan Hutchinson. I made the statement already — I’m already on record — I think he’ll be the No. 1 pick in the draft. If he’s sitting there at No. 3, my gosh, that would be a heck of a thing for your hometown team.

“I think everybody is going to see it, the way he can affect a game, what kind of teammate he is. Everybody talks about what kind of guy a guy is in the locker room — he’s a team guy all the way, really smart. He’s got everything going for him, so he’s worthy of the No. 1 pick.”

*H/T to Clayton Sayfie of The Wolverine for Harbaugh’s quotes.

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