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Jim Harbaugh: “I prefer (Mark Dantonio) didn’t talk about us.”

Who would have ever thought two head football coaches of rival schools bickering at each other, through social media no less, like children in grade school fighting over who controls the playground? Certainly not us!

Well this is 2017 and this is what fans of Michigan and Michigan State are getting treated to moving forward, it would appear. By now, you probably are aware of the ongoing back-and-forth between Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh and Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio.

So this goes back to this past Sunday, December 3 when the bowl games were announced. Michigan State fans felt slighted that their Ann Arbor-based rivals were awarded a “better” bowl game than the Spartans, despite MSU being in a better matchup (on paper) out in the Holiday Bowl. The Outback Bowl representatives also commented on why Michigan was invited over MSU. When asked about why Michigan “jumped” MSU in the bowl selection process, Dantonio shrugged it off and very subtly reminded everyone of his record vs. U-M.

Well Harbaugh didn’t seem to really enjoy those comments so he fired back on Twitter, basically taking a jab (we think?) at Dantonio for the Spartans’ 3-9 campaign a year ago, “congratulating” them on a bounce-back year, if you will. As is customary in verbal jousting wars through social media today, Dantonio naturally had to rebuttal.

So now it’s Harbaugh’s turn again, right? Well, here we go.

At least he is asking nicely, right? Maybe this is his way of waving the white flag? Doubt it, we got until next September before these two play any games of importance.

Given the way it’s gone on the field between Michigan and Michigan State lately, Harbaugh and the Wolverines may need to start picking up some Ws against Sparty, otherwise he may have to wave the proverbial white flag.

Harbaugh & Co. have been making news in multiple areas of college football since the season concluded. Running concurrently with this social media tug-of-war are the rumors and reports of as many as seven former Ole Miss players wanting to transfer to U-M.

Oh, and Harbaugh was asked again about possible expansion for the College Football Playoff, something he has been adamant about for some time now.

Written by Alex Muller

MSU Graduate. Just a city boy born and raised in south Detroit. Baseball is life, a pitcher at heart. Freelance writer for MIPrepZone (News-Herald, Press & Guide).

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