Jim Harbaugh raves about Michigan WR Ronnie Bell, RB Isaiah Gash

Harbaugh did not want to mention names but he did

Heading into the 2021 season, most expected that WR Ronnie Bell would lead the Michigan Wolverines in most receiving categories. Unfortunately, for Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines, Bell was injured in their first game and was forced to miss the remainder of the season.

Now, Bell is back for his final season at Michigan and according to Harbaugh, he is looking better than ever.

Jim Harbaugh mentions two Michigan players as ‘MVPs of camp’

On Wednesday, Jim Harbaugh spoke to reporters and when he was asked about the ‘MVPs of camp’ he quickly mentioned Ronnie Bell as a player who has “been tremendous.”

“Ronnie Bell has been tremendous,” Harbaugh said. “I mean, there’s been a bunch. I won’t start naming names and then I’ll leave somebody out. So by just there’s been quite a few.

Ronnie does jump out as somebody that — he’s faster, catching the ball extremely well and he’s stronger. He’s been there every day and doing a tremendous job.”

The other player Harbaugh mentioned is running back, Isaiah Gash.

Quite a few. A guy that really popped yesterday, day before yesterday, big scrimmage, was a guy by the name of Isaiah Gash who just did a tremendous job.

You know why boxers make good football players? They don’t blink. They don’t ever blink. If they blink they’re gonna get hit. So Isaiah boxed all spring and winter he was an amateur boxer. And now we’re watching him run through those holes and is as a kick returner. It’s been super fun, impressive. I could see him as somebody that’s really, really emerging.

Nation, who do you think will lead Michigan in receiving during the 2022 season? Are you as excited as Jim Harbaugh seems to be about Ronnie Bell?

Written by Don Drysdale

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