Jim Harbaugh tears up in Michigan locker room following win over MSU [VIDEO]

On Saturday, Michigan dominated Michigan State 21-7, giving Jim Harbaugh his biggest victory as Wolverines' head coach.

Following the game, things got very emotional in the Wolverines' locker room and Harbaugh had a tough time holding back his tears.

Check out the video below, you can clearly tell that this win means the world to Harbaugh.

“It's ok, coach, to cry.”


The pride came before the fall for Mark Dantonio’s Spartans in 21-7 loss to Michigan

Mark Dantonio is the master of using bulletin board material to help motivate his football team. In fact, I would be willing to bet he had a plethora of material that he presented to his team prior to their matchup on Saturday against their biggest rival, the Michigan Wolverines. One of his goals is to convince his players (and probably himself) that they are being unrightfully disrespected by their opponents on a weekly basis.

Who can blame Dantonio for using this strategy? After all, he has won multiple Big 10 titles, beat Michigan in 8 of the past 10 matchups heading into Saturday, and he even found a way to get the Spartans to a College Football Playoff.

But on Saturday, Dantonio made a huge mistake and his team would end up paying for it in a big way.

You see, during warmups, the Spartans were reportedly about 10 minutes late coming out onto the field. When the finally arrived, some of the Michigan players were already going through some of their own warmups around midfield.

This is when Spartans players got in a line and locked arms before beginning their 100-yard walk across the field. While they did this, Dantonio walked about five yards behind them.

Rather than having somebody ask the Wolverines’ players to move out of the way to avoid any altercations, Dantonio made the decision to just walk through them.

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