Jim Harbaugh throws shade at officials for blowing call during loss to Michigan State

On Saturday afternoon, the Michigan State Spartans stormed back from a 30-14 third-quarter deficit to defeat Michigan by a score of 37-33.

But that 16 point deficit could have potentially been even more had the biggest call in the game gone in favor of the Wolverines.

That play came late in the second quarter when Wolverines EDGE Aidan Hutchinson recovered a fumble by Spartans quarterback Payton Thorne in the end zone for a touchdown. But after a lengthy review by the officials, they determined that Thorne was down before he fumbled the ball, taking a TD away from the Wolverines.

On Monday, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh joined Jon Jansen on the Inside Michigan Football radio show and after saying how proud he was of his players and coaches, he threw some shade at the officials for missing a huge call.

From The Wolverine:

“So much was thrown at them from the first offensive possession of the game, being back inside the one-yard line,” Harbaugh told host Jon Jansen. “MSU made a lot of plays, and we made a lot of plays. Guys kept competing and fighting. Proud of them and the coaches.”

“Some things were out of their control. Especially the review and overturn of the sack-fumble. Should have never happened. (There was) no conclusive evidence.”

“They said that his shin was down. I said ‘half a shin?’ it looked like there was no conclusive evidence. Anyone with a non-partial view knows it has to be irrefutable. You feel for the players that deserved better when other reviews were left to stand or overturned based on what was called on the field.”

Nation, what do you think? Did the officials blow the call?


  1. Yes the call was re-officiated. They are supposed to review to see what actually happened. You couldn’t tell from the angles I saw, when the ball came loose. So how does it get reversed? The call on the field rules.

  2. Seriously? What would you expect Harbaugh, or any UM fan for that matter, to say? The replay officials had many angles and the ability to sync them all up. Harbaugh is just being a typical UM Crybaby. Why couldn’t he manage to get his defense on the field on time (7 times). Why couldn’t he come up with a better game plan to stop K9? Why couldn’t he teach his receivers to come back for the ball? Why couldn’t he leave a hot quarterback in the game, instead of putting a freshman in the game? Why couldn’t For that matter, why were so many UM fans screaming for Harbaugh to replace a veteran Quarterback who had taken UM to an 7-0 start….with an unproven freshman? There are many reasons UM lost….replay officials are not one of them! Pictures don’t lie!!!!!

Written by W.G. Brady

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