Jim Harbaugh urges high school athletes to ‘follow the leader’

Jim Harbaugh has a simple but strong message for high school athletes.

University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, along with several other head coaches, addressed a group of high school football players in Detroit, delivering a powerful message of growth and staying on the right path. Harbaugh emphasized the importance of daily improvement and urged aspiring athletes to learn from the leaders in their teams. His formula for success involves observing and emulating the behaviors and achievements of the best players around them.

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Key Points

  • Jim Harbaugh emphasizes the importance of day-by-day improvement in football and life.
  • He encourages young athletes to identify the best players on their teams and learn from them.
  • The formula for success involves studying, evaluating, and copying the behaviors of the team's top performers.
  • Harbaugh cites the success of Michigan players who chose to return for another season instead of pursuing NFL opportunities.
  • The positive momentum within the Michigan football program attracts players who want to be part of a winning culture.

Jim Harbaugh urges high school athletes to ‘follow the leader’

During a speaking engagement in Detroit, Harbaugh joined other prominent head coaches to share his insights with a group of high school football players. Harbaugh's message centered around the concept of following the leader. He encouraged young athletes to pay attention to teammates who excel both on and off the field, displaying outstanding football skills and academic achievements. By studying and emulating these leaders, players can elevate their own performance and increase their chances of success.

“Whoever is on your team right now who's really doing stuff right: excelling as a football player and also is going to graduate, they're really doing good in school, getting scholarship offers, people know their name,” Harbaugh said. “Whoever that is, watch them. Evaluate, study them, copy them.

“It's a simple formula: The best guy on the team, if you want to be like him, copy him.”

Bottom Line – Unlocking Potential through Mentorship

Jim Harbaugh's advice to high school athletes is rooted in the belief that learning from successful teammates and emulating their behaviors is a powerful pathway to personal and athletic growth. By observing and studying the leaders in their teams, young athletes can unlock their own potential and set themselves on a trajectory toward success. Harbaugh's emphasis on character, academic excellence, and on-field performance creates a culture where players are motivated to stay and contribute to the program's positive momentum. Aspiring athletes can embrace Harbaugh's message of following the leader as they strive to achieve their goals and reach their full potential on and off the football field.


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