Jim Leyland Reacts to Tigers Retiring His Number: ‘Unbelievable

Jim Leyland Honored with Number Retirement by Detroit Tigers

On a memorable day set for August 3, the Detroit Tigers are scheduled to retire number 10 in honor of Hall of Fame manager Jim Leyland during a pregame ceremony at Comerica Park. This event not only celebrates Leyland’s recent induction into the Hall of Fame but also his remarkable contributions to the team and the sport. Leyland, who managed the Tigers from 2006 to 2013, expressed his gratitude and humility upon receiving this rare distinction.

Jim Leyland Detroit Tigers

“This is absolutely unbelievable,” Leyland remarked, emphasizing the special nature of such an honor with a team that has been a significant part of his career.

“The Hall of Fame is an entire baseball career, and that’s one thing,” Leyland said, “but to have your number retired with one team is something a little bit different. I would never get into choosing one over the other, but this is the highest honor you can get as an individual that plays on a particular team, so I’m accepting that way. I’m truly humbled.”

What Will Leyland Say?

“It’s going to be a heartfelt thank you to the fans and what they did for me during my time with Detroit,” Leyland said. “My daughter always gives me the best advice. When I worry about what I have to say, she says, ‘Dad, just tell them how you feel.’ I’m going to try to do that.”

Former Detroit Tigers players praise Jim Leyland

A Celebrated Career in Baseball

The ceremony coincides with Leyland’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame on July 21, following his election by the Contemporary Era Committee in December of the previous year. Leyland’s illustrious management career spans 22 seasons with 1,769 wins, placing him 18th on MLB’s all-time list. Known for his strategic acumen, he steered the Tigers to two World Series appearances.

Leyland’s number 10 will join other legendary figures on the walls of Comerica Park, including players like Al Kaline, Charlie Gehringer, and fellow manager Sparky Anderson. Leyland’s deep connection with Detroit, where he also started his major league journey, makes this honor particularly poignant.

Reflecting on an AMAZING career

Reflecting on the significance, Jim Leyland hopes fans will cherish the memories of his tenure:

“I just hope that they flashback from 2006 to 2013 and have a pleasant memory of what went on during that time,” Leyland said, when asked what he wants fans to remember when looking at his No. 10 at Comerica Park. “I hope that they enjoyed it as much as I did, and I hope they enjoyed me as much as much I enjoyed them. I think that’s what I’m going to hope for the most.”

“I just hope that they flashback from 2006 to 2013 and have a pleasant memory of what went on during that time.”

Leyland said via the Detroit Free Press, when asked what he wants fans to remember when looking at his No. 10 at Comerica Park.

As Detroit prepares to celebrate one of its most influential figures in baseball, the retirement of Jim Leyland’s number symbolizes a bridge between the team’s illustrious past and its hope-filled future.

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