Jim Leyland warns Detroit Tigers about bringing back Justin Verlander

Will Justin Verlander come back to the Motor City and eventually retire as a Detroit Tiger?

That is a question that has been asked repeatedly since the day he was traded to the Houston Astros and it is one that will continue to be asked.

Many fans have said the Tigers should bring back Verlander but former Tigers skipper Jim Leyland warns against “paying for sentiment.”

From 97.1 the Ticket:

“I think you gotta be careful what you pay for sentiment,” said Leyland, who serves as a special assistant to Avila and the Tigers.

“It might be a nice story, but we don’t know how Justin’s going to come back,” Leyland said. “Would I love to see Justin finish in Detroit? Yes, I don’t want to sound hard-nosed here. I’m just saying, you gotta be careful with that. You don’t want to have a honeymoon if he’s not going to help this team. We need to win and we need to win pretty soon.

“If Justin’s a guy that can really help us, I wouldn’t bring him in just to tutor young pitchers. I would bring him in if he can win games for us, and there’s a good chance that he possibly can. I’m not saying he (can’t), so please, don’t take it the wrong way. But you gotta be careful getting involved with too much sentiment.”

Nation, what do you think about this?