Jim Rome throws shade at ‘rocket scientist’ Matt Patricia”

It isn’t a secret that Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia isn’t exactly very popular right now with the fans of the Motor City.

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Fox NFL Sunday analyst Terry Bradshaw blasted Patricia prior to yesterday’s eventual loss against the Green Bay Packers. And now, another national commentator is taking aim at the embattled Lions head coach.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Jim Rome, host of The Jim Rome Show, put Patricia on blast during Monday’s show, mockingly referring to him as “a genius” and a “rocket scientist” during a lengthy monologue:

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“How many times have you heard him referred to as a genius or rocket scientist, because he studied aeronautical engineering at RPI? Tou’ve heard that so many times, this guy’s a genius. No, this guy is a rocket scientist – an actual scientist. Well, that rocket scientist has been crashing hard in Detroit,” Rome explained.

“He was brought in to place Jim Caldwell, who was fired after going 9-8. Caldwell was 36-28 in four season with the Lions, and led them to the playoff twice. But the thinking was that the team had stalled underneath him, and that Patricia was a genius, and was the one to lead them over the top.”

“Who would ever forget the way that he rolled into Detroit?”

Rome then got into the well-documented exchange that he had with former cornerback Darius Slay, who is now with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“If this guy is so smart, a legitimate genius, how does he lose one of his best players right from the jump?” Rome opined. “It was so bad that Slay was practically ready to fight his new coach, but he didn’t. It’s kind of the thing that probably wouldn’t have mattered if Patricia got results, but he hasn’t….if you come here and start ripping off Lombardis, people maybe look the other way. But that’s not what he did. He took a 9-7 team, and then went 6-10 in year one, and 3-12-1 in year two. And then came out in year three, and watched Mitchell Trubisky carve up his defense in week 1. Mitchell bleeping Trubisky was working the genius.”

“Detroit already in big trouble. They need to get right in a hurry, and they did. They jumped out to a 14-3 lead at Lambeau, and that’s a statement. Until they gave up 31 unanswered points en route to a 42-21 curb-stomping. And that’s a statement.

“It’s not just bad – they’re a complete mess.”

Rome continued:

“The team understands they can’t commit penalties and give up big plays? Yet that’s what they did. And again, this guy isn’t just an alleged genius – he was hired because he was an alleged defensive genius. And the next big stop they get defensively will be their first. I need to reiterate – Caldwell was run for going 9-6. The genius Patricia is 9-24-1, has lost 11 straight, and have won one game in the past calendar year.

Now might be a pretty good time to admit that just because you scored well on the SAT, it doesn’t mean you’re in line to be the next Vince Lombardi – just ask Charlie Weiss.”

Rome’s full segment can be listened to here.

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