Jimmy Howard, who won’t return to Red Wings, posts emotional message to fans

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It was officially the end of an era in the Motor City when GM Steve Yzerman announced that veteran goaltender Jimmy Howard will not be offered a new contract, thus ending his tenure with the only NHL team he’s ever suited up for.

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Howard, who was drafted by Detroit in 2003 and later made his NHL debut in 2005, took over as the starter in the crease during the 2009-10 season from Chris Osgood, and has been a mainstay ever since.

He’ll now become an unrestricted free-agent, and though he unfortunately struggled last season, he’s stated he doesn’t intend on hanging up the pads yet.

He took to social media earlier tonight to post a heartfelt message to the Red Wings and to the fans of the Motor City:

We’ll miss having you in Detroit, Jimmy!

Flashback: Jimmy Howard mask pays tribute to Flint, MI native and 9/11 hero

As we reflect on the somber memory of the horrific terrorist attacks that shook the nation 19 years ago today on September 11, 2001, it’s always appropriate to remember the many heroes who selflessly sacrificed their lives in the name of saving others.

However, not every hero was a law enforcement official, firefighter, or first responder.

Todd Beamer, a Flint, MI native, perished on United Flight 93 that crashed in rural Pennsylvania. He led a group of passengers in a revolt to take back the plane from the terrorists who had hijacked it and were able to divert the craft from the intended target, widely believed to be the United States Capital Building or the White House.

His iconic phrase “Let’s Roll” before he and other passengers rushed the terrorists became a rallying cry for a young Jimmy Howard during his time with the United States National Development team.

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