JJ Watt’s New Contract Doesn’t Help Detroit with Suh

6-years and $100 million later, the Houston Texans wrapped up their star, and arguably the best defensive end in the game. Ndamukong Suh was already asking for top dollar after his contract expires, 5 days after this coming Super Bowl, and Watt’s new deal, isn’t helping the Lions situation one bit. Watt’s new contract includes $51.8 million guaranteed, according to ESPN. And at a reported $16.6 million per season, it makes him the highest-paid defensive player in football, surpassing Derelle Revis and Mario Williams both of whom come in at $16 million per.

The Detroit Lions took a serious gamble on not getting a long term deal with Suh done in the offseason. Originally they thought the initial price that Suh was asking was too high; now with the new JJ Watt deal, that number will most likely increase. Suh also has the threat of just leaving to test the free agency waters which we can assume will be extremely generous to him; and will ultimately end up taking place. Suh’s numbers may have dipped a little bit over the last two seasons, but he demands a double team almost every snap, that in turn opens up the gaps around him and still has roped up 13.5 sacks.

Interesting note here, JJ Watt is represented CAA, who also now represents Ndamukong Suh, after he dumped Relativity Sports earlier this year. In July when the Lions decided to table contract discussions, they were still optimistic about getting a long term deal done. I wonder if they are still feeling that way right now?


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97 thoughts on “JJ Watt’s New Contract Doesn’t Help Detroit with Suh”

  1. JJ isn’t a moron who gets fined every other week and gets a lot of dumb penalties. Suh is no where close to being worth $100 mill over 6 years. Maybe 8 years.

  2. Send him on his way! Love the guy but he’s not worth what he makes! Could have multiple nice pieces for that much loot!

  3. Let him go and improve our defense with 3-4 players instead of 1…..a diva wr is 1 thing but a diva dt is ridiculous

  4. Suh is not worth that much. Every GM and coach in the league would take Watt over Suh. There’s DT money and then there’s DE money. Plus, the Texans did not have other players commanding a similar salary like Calvin and Stafford.

  5. Maybe if we didn’t have Calvin and Stafford. But they are way more important to the team’s success and there’s a salary cap. It’s too bad no one was willing to take his salary this year and give us a draft pick, but oh well. He should be with another team next year. And I don’t mind too much.

  6. DT and DE are two different positions. Suh should get 10-12 million a year for 4-5 years. If he’s not willing to do that, buh-bye. DT doesn’t win a title. And, honestly he’s not that much of a game changer. I love Suh, but 100M for a DT? Hope it never happens.

  7. You are 100% correct. Watt is a much better player, that doesn’t take plays off. Watt has 36.5 sacks in 3 years compared to Suh’s 27.5 in 4 years.

  8. Love all the Shu haters he is good and i want him 2 stay we do have the money if we win this year and they see all the money a winning team can make them we could be the best i don’t get it u think the lions pockets are not deep and forget about the luxury tax they can pay it .

  9. Do what!! They not the same players + suh is just good, not Great yet so maybe rid him.. If he wants 900 mil 😛

  10. Suh actually draws very few penalties, much less most think. Jeffery sacks is a terrible example. You’re looking at 2 different positions, 1 the DE(Watt) is to get to the QB, 2 the DT(Suh) is to control the run game and give the DEs and LBs time to get to the QB on pass plays. Sacks are a bonus for DTs not a requirement.

  11. Maybe he is worth it but the Lions can’t afford to have that type of money into a DT. Rather, use the money to sign 2-3 key FAs. Would love Suh to stay a Lion but I can’t see that type of money going to him.

  12. He is i think just think they had him on the inside alot of plays in the past uf they play him right he is unstoppable

  13. Carl, who here is a “Suh hater”? Please show us. He’s NOT worth Watt money, people have said such. How does that make them a “hater”?

  14. I haven’t read anywhere here where someone has said he sucks, just that he’s not worth $100 million(which he isn’t). Please point out where anyone has said Such was garbage?

  15. Mayhew really screwed up by not trading him during the off season. The second he said he wouldn’t negotiate until after the season, that should’ve been the proof Mayhew needed to see Suh doesn’t want to be here. We have no leverage now.

  16. Two totally different positions and players..you can’t compare them …and no Suh a DT is not worth that kinda of money!

  17. Sure it does. Watt has gotten consistently better. Where as Suh’s record rookie year was his best. Since then it has gone down hill. Pay for production, not decline.

  18. Get rid of Suh… Love him and think he is a great player but if you love your team you will make a sacrifice and make a decision based on them not your pocket!

  19. Suh isn’t worth 100 mil. He’s not a game changer on defense, lions are still middle to bottom in that category, let him walk and get some better linebackers and corners.

  20. He’s been here a while and the defense has still been middle to bottom of the pack, I’d love him to stay but it’s more important to sure up the back end.

  21. Suh is good enough to garner a triple team BUT if the other teams are good enough to keep Suh under 10 sacks every year, then Suh can’t get Hall of Fame – type money. The stats ain’t there. Give him exactly what Atkins gets, if he don’t like it, we can get 3 guys for his 16 million. It ain’t hard, if he wants to get paid like a DE with close to 20 sacks every year, maybe Suh should GET THAT MANY!

  22. The Lions aren’t waiting to sign Suh at the end of the year. They are waiting till the end of the year to let him go.
    Love the guy but he has a target on his back that the officials never miss. He won’t get the benefit of a doubt on any play ever and is a liability because of that.

  23. Why doesn’t Ndamukong Suh show some leadership and carry his weight this year and then we will worry about it. If he cant? sayonara..

  24. I am a HUGE Suh fan! However, he brings too many penalties and silly mistakes. He IS worth 8-9 million a year. Any more than that and they are overpaying for a DT.

  25. But you will give Stafford 100 million contract and he got tunnel vision wen it comes to Cj. Wen you hear SC talk about the lions it’s Cj offense. But when our D get out there they say our Front Four LED BY SUHhhhhh!!!!! Lol

  26. Listen Suh restructured his contract twice to help other get paid…..The front office is very smart with this…..His discipline has been in question for awhile…….look athletes are very smart in a contract year they will play over their head so they can justify their money but if you give them their money before they actually perform for it then they always end up having a bad year as there’s no need to perform that well because they thought the money what the front office is waiting for is to see what numbers he puts up at least putting up good numbers halfway through the season they can always sign him.

  27. I fail to see the comparison. I love Suh but his production isn’t even close. Contracts shouldn’t be either unless that changes this year.

  28. Good I`m glad that just means the lonesome losers would be without some player who thinks he is bigger than the game itself. Detroit doesn`t need that type so called player here. This sorry sap of team has enough problems as it is…………..

  29. Pay that man if you think it’s worth it… But those two should never even be mentioned in the same sentence… suh is the scum of the nfl as far as class

  30. Watt is better and it makes no sense to allocate that much money for that position. There is not a huge drop off from him to the guy that would replace him. That’s more prevalent at the skilled positions. Let him walk next year and move on.

  31. The last 100 million dollar DT now lives in Tennessee by his old college selling burgers from his restaurant.. (Albert Haynesworth)…..I just haven’t ever heard/seen a DT worth 100 million

  32. JJ Watt produces EVERY down, EVERY game, EVERY YEAR, without team sabotaging penalties. Suh needs to play like JJ if he wants to get paid like JJ.

  33. Jj literally lead the league in every category for a d line guy. Suh not on his level..not even close

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