Joe Mixon mocks NFL with coin flip celebration [Video]

In case you have not already heard, many people in the Cincinnati Bengals organization, including running back Joe Mixon, are “livid” after the NFL made a decision they feel penalizes their organization and rewards the Baltimore Ravens. That decision, of course, is a coin-flip scenario, that would come into play if the Ravens beat the Bengals and the Los Angeles Chargers beat the Denver Broncos in Week 18. In that scenario, the Ravens and Chargers would finish the regular season with identical records, but the Chargers would be given the No. 5 seed, while Baltimore would get a third game against Cincinnati. If that happened, there would be a coin flip to determine which team would be the home team for that playoff game. It would be the first time in NFL history that a division winner did not host a playoff game.

Joe Mixon

What did Joe Mixon do to mock the NFL?

During Sunday's game between the Bengals and Ravens, Joe Mixon scored a touchdown, and he immediately started digging in his sock for something.

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That something was a coin, which he proceeded to flip in the air while his teammates stood around him. When the coin hit the ground, Mixon and his teammates all did a kicking motion as if to tell the NFL where they can shove their decision!

Check it out.

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