John U. Bacon gives truth about Jim Harbaugh situation at Michigan

There have been rumors that Jim Harbaugh is leaving Michigan for the NFL. There have been rumors that Harbaugh is staying put as the Wolverines’ head coach. Heck, there have even been rumors that Harbaugh is going to run for President. (Ok, that one may not be true)

Every year around this time, these rumors (or some call them reports) surface, and Michigan and NFL “Insiders” publish their little stories, reporting things as fact, even though they really have no idea what is going on.

On Sunday, John U. Bacon, who has many connections at Michigan, took to Twitter to reveal what he believes is the truth about Harbaugh’s current situation.

Here are the tweets, do what you want with them. Or, you can continue to believe the rumors that make you happy.

-Yes, I stand by Nobody Knows Anything. Unless you’re Jim Harbaugh, his wife or parents, you’re guessing. Big difference between guessing, predicting, and reporting something as fact. When someone guesses, they want you to remember it if it comes true, and forget it if it doesn’t

-As it stands, those who know Harbaugh best are saying the least, and are also the least certain which way this is going to go. Harbaugh himself hasn’t made up his mind yet, or he would have announced it. He doesn’t play games with this stuff. He’s not leveraging.

-All that said, we know a few things: After being pretty far apart during their initial discussions, Warde Manuel has upped UM’s offer considerably, and it sounds like it’s within range — not just on Harbaugh’s contract, but assistants, and other considerations.

-I hear NIL is overrated as a concern of Harbaugh’s. UM has been doing more than advertised (more than I thought until recently), though quietly, and is poised to do more. Further, word is that Harbaugh is not overly concerned on that front.

-But still, he could go to the NFL. At 58, this could be his last good chance. He saw last year how fickle CFB can be. And there’s no recruiting, NIL, or APR, etc. in the NFL. But if he did go to the NFL…

-He would insist on almost complete control, as both coach and GM. He would also pick his owners carefully, having learned his lesson on both fronts in San Francisco with the York/Baalke drama. That’s why I’d guess – guess – that the Raiders would be the most likely option.

-As reported in ENDZONE, the Raiders’ legendary owner, Al Davis, loved Harbaugh, hired him to coach QBs, and wanted him to stay. His son Mark now owns the team, and word is he and JH get along very well, and would likely give him the power he wants. Further, Sarah Feuerborn

-moved to LV out of college, taught school and became a successful realtor there. She loved it, and that’s where she was living when she met Harbaugh. All that said, the NFL season isn’t over quite yet, and there’s no word of formal offers. So, we’re back to Nobody Knows Anything.

-If I had to bet – not report, but bet – I’d say it’s 60-40 he stays. He loves Ann Arbor, as do his kids and parents, and the future is bright. Others closer to him are guessing 50-50. So, guess what? Nobody Knows Anything. If and when that changes, I’ll do my best to let you know


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  1. This isn’t a big concern of mine. The people at Michigan do what they want and I haven’t any control of that. I am only concerned that the football teams wins, and is better than last year. I am a fan, win or lose, albeit I detest losing… anything.

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