Jonah Jackson talks about his future with Detroit Lions

Jonah Jackson is heading into the final year of his rookie contract with the Detroit Lions.

Jonah Jackson, the left guard for the Detroit Lions, recently shared his thoughts on his future with the team. Despite being an unheralded player among the Lions' offensive line, Jackson has expressed his desire to retire as a Lion. As he enters the final year of his rookie contract, his aspirations, and the team's salary cap situation, add an element of uncertainty to his future.

Jonah Jackson Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Jackson hopes to retire as a Detroit Lion, expressing his love for the city and everything it offers.
  • The Lions face a challenge in managing their salary cap, as they already allocate a significant portion of it to the offensive line.
  • As of now, there have been no contract talks between Jonah Jackson and the Lions.

Jonah Jackson talks about his future with Detroit Lions

During an interview after Wednesday's minicamp practice, Jackson expressed his love for the city and his desire to retire as a Lion. He appreciates everything about Detroit, from its passionate sports culture to its diverse cuisine. However, the team faces a challenging decision regarding Jackson's future. Detroit already allocates a significant portion of its salary cap to the offensive line, and with a potential extension for Penei Sewell on the horizon, there are concerns about allocating additional resources to another lineman.

“I’d love to retire a Lion,” Jackson said on Wednesday. “I love this city. I have a great time here. I enjoy everything about it from the sports, to the people, to the cuisine.”

Considering the recent massive contract signed by Atlanta Falcons guard Chris Lindstrom, which reset the market for guards, a new contract for Jackson would likely come at a substantial cost. While Jackson acknowledged Lindstrom's deserving contract, he remains focused on his own performance and leaving the possibility of an extension to fate. As of now, there have been no contract talks between Jackson and the Lions.

“That’s a pretty penny what he got and a very deserving player,” Jackson told reporters. “If it happens, it happens. I just put my head down, going to work, showing up each day, training, and just putting my best foot forward. If I do what I do, then everything else will fall into place.”

The Bottom Line: A Promising Future Awaits

Jonah Jackson's desire to retire as a Detroit Lion speaks volumes about his dedication and appreciation for the team and the city. While uncertainties loom due to the salary cap implications and potential contract negotiations, Jackson's commitment to his craft and the stability provided by offensive coordinator Ben Johnson offers hope for a bright future. The Lions must navigate these decisions carefully, ensuring they maintain a formidable offensive line while managing their resources effectively. But one thing seems to be for sure, Jackson is going to get a hefty contract from somebody.