Jonathan Schoop does not hold back when discussing Tarik Skubal’s bullpen session

Jonathan Schoop did not mince words when talking about Tarik Skubal's bullpen session with the Detroit Tigers.

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Tarik Skubal completed a noteworthy bullpen session on Friday at Comerica Park, drawing praise from teammate Jonathan Schoop. Skubal, who has refrained from discussing his timeline publicly, demonstrated promising progress as he faced live batting practice before an upcoming game. The session held significance for Skubal, marking an important milestone in his return. President of baseball operations Scott Harris observed as Skubal threw 20-25 pitches to four batters.

Tarik Skubal Detroit Tigers Jonathan Schoop

Key Points

  • Tarik Skubal completed his first live batting practice session, indicating progress in his return to the mound.
  • Jonathan Schoop praised Skubal's performance, describing his pitches as “nasty” and expressing confidence in Skubal's future success.
  • Skubal faced a lineup of hitters, adding a competitive and personal element to his practice session.
  • Skubal declined to disclose his fastball velocity, but his overall performance reflected his usual standards.
  • The bullpen session marked a significant step forward for Skubal, who has not pitched in a game since August 2022.

Jonathan Schoop does not hold back when discussing Tarik Skubal's bullpen session

Schoop, after striking out against Skubal's formidable pitches, expressed his admiration, highlighting Skubal's potential. While Skubal withheld specific details about his fastball velocity, his overall performance and competitiveness in the session showcased his talent.

“He was (expletive) nasty,” Schoop said.

“He threw me changeup, changeup, sinker and fastball,” Schoop continued. “I didn't see any fastballs early in the count. The last one was 98 (mph). His changeup was 90-92 (mph) maybe. He's going to be really good.”

Throwing to live batters made it personal for Skubal

After completing what the Tigers required of him, Skubal received clearance to throw to live batters, something that said made it more personal to him.

“Hitters in the box, you become more competitive, and it feels a little more personal,” Skubal said. “You're trying to get that guy out as opposed to executing (pitches) against a ghost in the bullpen.”

“We were talking about velocities and feel of pitches,” Skubal said. “Some feel good to me, some don't feel good. It's not like it hurts, but I don't feel comfortable and confident about landing some of my pitches right now. For example, slider to my glove side. I don't feel great with that pitch. To my arm side, it feels great, but usually, it's the other way around, so I have to figure out what I'm doing differently to the glove side.”

The Bottom Line – A Strikeout Statement

Jonathan Schoop's emphatic praise of Tarik Skubal's performance encapsulates the impact of the bullpen session. Skubal's ability to dominate the batters and deliver a memorable strikeout against Schoop illustrates his potential as a standout pitcher for the Tigers. As Skubal continues his journey back to the game, the Tigers can anticipate a bolstered pitching rotation and increased competitiveness. The positive energy surrounding Skubal's bullpen session offers a glimpse into the team's potential success.