Jonathan Schoop explains how far away Detroit Tigers are from postseason

It’s no secret that the Detroit Tigers are still in rebuild mode. And for the first time since 2019, they’ll have a full 162 game slate to track their progress against.

With several new faces on the roster as well as a new manager, fans certainly are eager to see how their team will perform in 2021.

But if you talk 2B Jonathan Schoop, you’ll certainly feel a whole lot more optimistic. In his words, they’re “close” to being a competitive playoff team, and it’s all based on team chemistry.

During an interview on MLB Network Radio, Schoop said the following:

“I think we’re close, man,” he said. “We’ve got really good chemistry going on, a lot of young guys and some veterans. We just have to put it together and come out as a team and see how many ways we can win games.

“That’s all that matters – games. This is a team game. I know everyone wants to do their own numbers, but if you play as a team, you achieve your goals. You have to find a way to win and if you win, that’s good. Everyone’s happy and doing good.”

Schoop was re-signed by the Tigers after a productive campaign in 2020, posting a stat line of 278/.324/.475 (114 wRC+) while racking up 1.4 WAR in 44 games. He’ll certainly be leaned upon if Detroit is to achieve the goal as he stated of being competitive.

– – Quotes via MLB Network Radio Link – –