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JUST IN: Mark Dantonio to let Jim Harbaugh’s ‘Father’ deal with his problems

Maybe it is all finally coming to an end.

In case you have been in a bubble for the past four days, Michigan played Michigan State in football this past Saturday, but the game itself seems to have taken a backseat to what happened before kick off.

Prior to the game, during warm-ups, the Michigan State team walked across the field, arms locked. As they approached some of the Wolverines players who were warming up near midfield, they decided to plow through, “clotheslining” multiple Michigan players.

That of course fired up Michigan linebacker Devin Bush Jr., who decided it would be a good idea to tear up the Spartans logo at midfield with his cleats.

After the Wolverines 21-7 victory, head coach Jim Harbaugh called what Michigan State did   “bush league” and he ripped Mark Dantonio for following behind smiling while it all went down.

When Dantonio caught drift of Harbaugh‘s comments, he called them “BS” and he refused to go into further detail.

Since then, Harbaugh bashed Dantonio and the Spartans football program even further, Michigan State released a statement, and Michigan’s athletic director ward Manuel also released a statement about the incident.

So after all of that, the ball seemed to be in Dantonio’s court. But he refused to play ball.

On Tuesday Coach Dantonio held his weekly press conference but he absolutely refused to talk about the incident any further. Instead, he said he will let God take care of his problems.

From 97.1 The Ticket:

“First of all, might as well get things out of the way in regards to recent comments and etcetera,” Dantonio said. “Every week I sort of get a goal card, I sit down and make a goal card. Every week. And on that goal card I try to prioritize what’s important in my life. When I look at, I go boom, boom, boom, right down the list.

“The first thing I’m going to say about this, I’m not going to have any more comments about the situation. I made my comments, and I’m going to let God take care of my battles. That’s number one. Number two, I’m going to take care of my family. Number three, I’m going to take care of this football program and represent it with class. Number four, I’m gong to worry about Purdue, the X’s and O’s and the personnel involved in that. And that’s it. I’ll take no other questions about that. We’ll get onto Purdue, otherwise this will be the shortest conference and you guys all drove up here for nothing.”

Ever since Harbaugh took over as head coach at Michigan, MSU fans have insisted that Wolverines fans believe he is the “Savior” of the program. Many have mockingly referred to him as Jesus Harbaugh, thinking it will upset Wolverines Nation.

Well, it sounds like Dantonio is content leaving his problems in the hands of Harbaugh’s “Father.”

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