LOOK: Michigan basketball moves up to No. 1 in NET rankings

If you have not been paying attention to the Universiy of Michigan basketball team, you have been missing out. Following Saturday’s win over South Carolina, the Wolverines are now 10-0 and they have forced their way into the conversation about who is the best team in the nation.

Well, according to the latest NET rankings, Michigan IS the best team in the nation as they have moved up to No. 1.

Here is what the Top 20 looks like following the games through December 8th.

Note: Gonzaga lost to Tennessee on Sunday, so that will alter things when the next NET rankings are released.


















If you have not yet heard of the NET rankings, you certainly will as the season goes on. Here is an explanation of what the NET rankings are and why they are so important.


The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee has a new tool that hopefully should crystalize the ranking system before the selection and seeding of teams for the 2019 NCAA tournament.

The NCAA Evaluation Tool, or NET, will be the new barometer for the committee, and it will include game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin (capping at 10 points per game), and net offensive and defensive efficiency.

To read more about NET rankings, please click here.

Nation, where would you put Michigan in the rankings? Should they be in the discussion about which team is the best in America?


Michigan AD Warde Manuel makes BOLD prediction regarding Jim Harbaugh

The rumors have been flying around about Jim Harbaugh leaving the University of Michigan for the NFL. Specifically, Harbaugh has been rumored to take over as head coach of the Cleveland Browns or the Green Bay Packers.

On Sunday, Harbaugh made his intentions very clear to ESPN, saying that the rumors are false and that he would remain the head coach of the Wolverines in 2019.

Well, Michigan AD Warde Manuel has gone a step further, predicting that Harbaugh would eventually retire as Wolverines head coach.

From Detroit News:

Let me add this, Jim is one of the greatest coaches, college or pro, so I think it’s to his credit his name continually pops up,” Manuel said. “But I think, as I said before, when we think about bringing student-athletes here, we want the best, and we have the best coach. I just hope people understand and particularly our recruits don’t get dissuaded because people put out these rumors which this man deserves because of his ability to coach.

To read the rest of Warde Manuel’s comments, please click on the link below.

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