Justin Verlander engages in Twitter war with writer who told Kate Upton to ‘Pipe Down’

If you have not heard by now, it was announced on Wednesday that Justin Verlander had come in second place in the American League Cy Young voting despite having more first place votes (14) than the winner, Rick Porcello (8). What made things even worse is it was then revealed that two writers, both from the Tampa Bay area, left Verlander completely off their ballots.

Following the announcement, Verlander’s fiancée Kate Upton took to Twitter to voice her displeasure in the results.

Click here if you missed Upton’s rant.

Well, today Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News wrote a piece titled, “Hey, Kate Upton … pipe down! There’s no scandal in Justin Verlander not winning the AL Cy Young.” Feinsand requested that Upton and others “pipe down” about the results and even went as far as to compare the Cy Young voting results to the 2016 Presidential election. (Quite the stretch there, sir.)

Anyways, apparently Verlander came across Feinsand’s column and jumped on Twitter to defend his woman.

Of course, Feinsand fired back.

Followed by this one from Verlander about ballots being turned in early.

One thing is for sure, Verlander probably will not be getting a vote from Feinsand in 2017!

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