Justin Verlander’s brother mentions insane scenario for Detroit Tigers

While Detroit Tigers fans were sleeping last night, news broke that the team was close to signing SS Javier Baez to a six-year deal.

Upon the news breaking, a plethora of Tigers fans hopped on social media to bash GM Al Avila and owner Chris Ilitch for being cheap and not signing Carlos Correa.

Well, Ben Verlander, who is the brother of former Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, mentioned an insane scenario in which fans would go absolutely crazy.

As you can see below, Ben tossed out the scenario (he was not predicting it) of the Tigers coming out and saying that Baez is their 2nd baseman and that they are still “pushing hard for Correa.”

Nation, would you be down with this? It is not completely far-fetched as the Texas Rangers just did something similar.