Kansas City Chiefs fan starts petition to bench Patrick Mahomes

Just when you thought you have seen it all.

Heading into the 2021 season, Patrick Mahomes was considered by many to be the best quarterback in the National Football League.

But Mahomes has not been himself at all so far this season and because of that, the Kansas City Chiefs have looked average at best.

Because of Mahomes’ struggles, a Chiefs fan (or maybe just a Chad Henne fan) has started a petition calling him to be benched.

From Change.org:

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-4 starting out the 2021 NFL season. This is the worst start that the Chiefs have had in their first 7 games since 2015 in which they went 1-6. Are we going to put all of the blame on Patrick Mahomes? Absolutely.

Through their first 7 games of this season Mahomes has 2093 passing yards and 18 passing touchdowns which isn’t bad, however his 9 interceptions are making him an average quarterback. How can you justify paying an average quarterback $500 million? He is not only stealing money from the Kansas City Chiefs organization, or stealing playing time from the greatest quarterback in the league; Chad Henne, but he is also stealing the dignity from the good people of Kansas City. Just the other week two Chiefs superfans were banned from Arrowhead Stadium for having a heated brawl in the stadium. We have to end this madness.

“What is the solution?” You might ask. The only solution that I see fit is to bench Patrick Mahomes. It’s time to look to the future: Chad Henne. He is more than able and can bring this team back to glory.

We need your help. Sign this petition to help get the attention of the Chiefs organization. We will not be silent. We will not stop until we see action. 


At the time of posting, the petition has 1,102 signatures.

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