Kellie Rowe rips national media for their trash coverage of Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell [Video]

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On Thursday, the Detroit Lions officially introduced Dan Campbell as their next head coach and he proceeded to blow everyone away with the I have said is the best press conference I have ever watched.

Campbell made it absolutely clear about how much he loves Lions’ fans and how much he wants to bring a championship to the city of Detroit.

During and following the presser, most local media members and Lions’ fans took to social media to express their excitement for what Campbell is going to bring to the table, at least in terms of being a leader.

But the same can not be said for many members of the national media, who bashed Campbell and the Lions.

Well, Kellie Rowe of Fox 2 News is not having any of that, as she made very clear during her most recent episode of “The Rowe Report” for the local Lions blog, Pride of Detroit.

Check it out.

Well said, Kellie!!!!

5 thoughts on “Kellie Rowe rips national media for their trash coverage of Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell [Video]”

  1. Well Said Kelly, No one will ever understand us as fans in Detroit, we’ve been on the losing side as long as I could remember, but to have someone to come in and speak the way he did I applaud him, for being gritty ready to get to work and turn this franchise around. Not only do he understand but he have a vision to try and end the losing… #OnePride#

  2. Dan is the right fit for Detroit . He is a leader of men and lets not forget he was the Ass. head coach for the Saints who are an elite team in the NFL after being a horrible team for years and years . Some may not like what i am going to say but i feel it is very true and i for one am sick of this talk that a team must sign a black coach . Where was the media when we signed a black man for our GM ? This crap must stop . The propaganda to sign a black coach is fake news like it has been the last 5 years or so . if a black person is the right fit for a team that team will sign him .Stop putting race as a reason to hire a person .

  3. Thank You Kellie ! Dan is the perfect choice to lead the lions to the promise land of football . he spoke the truth about Detroit and some in the media thinks he should just say the same old crap that always gets said and that is not Dan . The same media types said the same stuff about Wayne Fontes but he did take the Lions to the NFC Championship game in 91 . Lets get behind Dan and make sure he has the Detroit fans behind him . When we start to win that same media will be 2 faced and lie by telling us they knew all along Dan was a great fit for Detroit .

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