Kelly and Matthew Stafford have important request and need your help

If you have followed Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly, you have surely heard about many of the great things they do for our community.

One thing the Stafford's do each year around Christmas time is they identify families who are in need and they surprise them with a truck full of gifts. Not only do Matthew and Kelly deliver the gifts personally but they also hang out with the family for a while to get to know them a big.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 concerns, the Stafford's will not be able to shop for or deliver the presents in person this year but instead, they will still be choosing a few families to help out financially.

On Monday, Kelly took to Instagram requesting that people from the community help her and Matthew out by identifying families.

Here is the full message from Kelly's Instagram:

This year, everyone’s Christmas will look and feel a little different. I know many have suffered all sorts of loss due to COVID, whether it be health, family or financial related. It’ll undoubtedly be a little quieter because family isn’t able to visit or you are not able to visit them. Regardless of what the case might be..this holiday, Matthew and I want to continue to help.

Every year, we have done the same thing. People submit their stories about deserving families, we read them and narrow it down to a few. We then receive wish lists from friends of the families and most the time are able to surprise them with a U-haul of gifts. The best part though is getting invited into these families’ homes and having the chance to sit down, have a beer and hang out with them and their kids.. and getting the chance to see them again on the sideline at the last home game.

This year, unfortunately, will look different for the stafford Christmas gift as well. It breaks my heart that we will not be able to deliver gifts. It also breaks my heart that because of the pandemic, us shopping for these families would be too risky.

Instead, this holiday, we will be giving each family we sponsor some help financially.

So here is what we are asking this year. If you know of a family who has lost someone due to covid, has lost their business due to this pandemic, has recently been laid off, or a front line worker who needs a little extra holiday love.. please email me and tell me about them. We know the stress of the holidays effects everyone, and with the new challenges we all face due to this pandemic we want to do what we can to help lessen that stress.

Please submit the family to “[email protected]”Please include photos of the family and where they are from in your submission. As we do every year, we want to impact the community that we live in so we will continue to keep this local. The deadline for email submission ( t[email protected] ) is this Sunday December 6th!


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