Kenny Golladay turned down mega contract extension from Detroit Lions


According to Adam Schefter, Kenny Golladay actually turned down a contract extension from the Lions that would have paid him between $18-$19 million per season, not $16 million that was previously reported by Jeff Risdon.

“Last year, these two sides had discussions about a long-term extension and Kenny Golladay turned down somewhere around $18, $19 million a year, depending on who you want to believe,” Schefter stated. “I think there’s a chance here, with a new regime in Detroit, that they could opt not to tag him at all, which would allow him to become one of the most coveted free agents out there.

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“We’ll see whether the Lions do decide to use that tag by the 4 p.m. deadline on Tuesday. I think there’s a chance they won’t, a chance they won’t.”


Will Kenny Golladay be a member of the Detroit Lions by the time the 2021 season rolls around?

That is one of the biggest questions facing the Lions front office as they move into the future with a new regime.

Whether or not Golladay re-signs with the Lions will have everything to do with money and you can bet he will demand a pretty penny.

According to Jeff Risdon of Lions Wire, Golladay turned down an offer of $16 million per year prior to the start of the 2020 season. Risdon noted that this report is not independently confirmed but it comes from a good source.

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Nation, would you give Golladay north of $16 million to stay in Detroit or should the Lions let him walk?

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  1. Let him walk. They will get a compensatory pick. He is good but his effort writes check that his body can’t cover. He is strong but he ain’t Metcalf. He will alway get himself hurt. He is thus high on ability and low on availability. He comes down with high risk passes which is not a good plan.

  2. Let him walk, this is a rebuild and when the lions are ready in 3-4 years then they can go get the receiver to put them over the top. Right now they should keep that capital and build the team through the draft.

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