Kerby Joseph wears epic t-shirt to support Jameson Williams

Kerby Joseph showed his support for Jameson Williams by wearing a sweet t-shirt.

Kerby Joseph made a statement during Detroit Lions OTAs by wearing an epic t-shirt that read “Free Jamo,” in order to show support for his teammate, Jameson Williams, who is serving a six-game suspension. Joseph's intention was not to criticize the NFL's gambling policy that led to the suspension but to demonstrate solidarity with Williams.

Kerby Joseph Detroit Lions Jameson Williams

Key Points

  • Joseph wore a t-shirt reading “Free Jamo” to show support for suspended teammate Jameson Williams.
  • The gesture signifies unity and a commitment to personal growth within the team.
  • The Lions have been focused on educating players about the NFL's gambling policy.
  • Coach Dan Campbell has been proactive in addressing the issue and emphasizing rule compliance.
  • A potential investigation into a fifth player's gambling activities has added to the organization's concerns.

Kerby Joseph wears epic t-shirt to support Jameson Williams

While speaking to reporters, Joseph explained that the shirt symbolizes their collective determination to learn from the situation and grow as a team. His gesture of support has been well-received by Williams, reinforcing the bond between the two second-year players.

“He knows what he did, but he’s trying to get better and he wants to get better,” Joseph said. “We want to get better. We’re going to grow from it, and we’re going to learn from it. This is just in support of my guy.”

Joseph made it clear that he was not intended as a statement against the NFL's gambling policy. Rather, it was a heartfelt display of support for his teammate and friend.

“Nah, it ain’t none of that, it’s just I love my dog,” Joseph said. “My dog out here still practicing, going hard, wanting to get better. That’s all.”

Kerby Joseph Jameson Williams

Bottom Line – United the Detroit Lions Stand

Kerby Joseph's decision to wear a t-shirt supporting Jameson Williams amidst his suspension showcases the strength of the Detroit Lions' team bond. The display of unity and solidarity reinforces the team's commitment to learning from past mistakes and growing together. Coach Dan Campbell's emphasis on rule compliance further underscores the organization's dedication to upholding the NFL's standards.

This gesture serves as a reminder that, in the face of adversity, teams can come together and support one another. As the Lions continue to navigate challenges related to gambling violations, their collective determination and mutual respect will be instrumental in shaping their future success. By standing united, the Detroit Lions aim to overcome obstacles, improve as a team, and create a culture of excellence on and off the field.


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