Kerryon Johnson reportedly said his first interaction with Brad Holmes was when he was released

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As you have likely heard by now, the Detroit Lions have decided to move on from Kerryon Johnson, as he was released last week.

Kerryon has since been claimed by the Philadelphia Eagles but according to Jeremy Reisman of Pride of Detroit, on the most recent episode of the Pride of Detroit podcast, Johnson was on his Twitch channel after being released and he said revealed that his first interaction with Lions GM Brad Holmes was when he notified him that he was being cut.

“His first interaction with Brad Holmes was when Brad Holmes told him he is fired,” Reisman said about Johnson’s comments on Twitch.

Reisman noted that Johnson did not tell that story “in a very pleasant way.”

Go to roughly the 12:00 mark or so in the podcast to hear what Reisman alleges that Johnson said about Holmes on Twitch.

Nation, if this is true, do you think it is a problem at all that Holmes never spoke to Kerryon until he cut him?

4 thoughts on “Kerryon Johnson reportedly said his first interaction with Brad Holmes was when he was released”

  1. Stop crying Kerryon this is life man it’s not always to be easy you tell Brad Holmes thanks for firing me and use that fuel for the rest your life not just football p.s if you can’t stay on the football field it’s going to be the same way Philly it’s a business

  2. Nope, he underwhelmed for years, and I remember specifically last year seeing swift putting in the hours while johnson was at the beach

  3. I really don’t see a problem with Holmes not talking to Kerryon until he was released the writing was on the wall the acquisition of Williams and his history of season ending injuries he shouldn’t have been surprised either.
    In the end it’s a business whether we like it as fans or not, but so far between an amazing deal we got from the Rams and the free agents he brought in on team friendly deals, or the 2021 draft picks he’s doing an impeccable job for us and as a fan that has drank the cool-aid every heart reaching year since Billy Simms I’ll keep believing in the process of the team

  4. All this shows is Holmes didn’t act fake and talk to Johnson as if he had a chance to stay on the team.
    Johnson is injury prone and
    is lucky to have been picked up.

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