HOLY JUMPIN! Kevin Bieksa puts Andy Andreoff down with one punch [VIDEO]

Wow. It’s not very often you see a player get taken down within the opening moments of a fight. And even though he didn’t stay down, that’s what happened when Kevin Bieksa hammered Andy Andreoff with a quick right hook.

Andreoff gets to his skates with the quickness, but the damage is already done, and the officials are pulling the two apart. Strangely enough, if we flash back a couple weeks to October 24, Bieksa had a similarly short bout with Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas.

What a Superman punch that was. Gudas is caught off-guard completely and pays the price as Bieksa puts him down to the ice.


ON THIS DAY: Bob Probert has his most explosive game ever for the Red Wings

Most people know Bob Probert for his life as a legendary enforcer for the Detroit Red Wings. Who could blame them when his career consists of 3300 penalty minutes across 935 NHL games? (That’s roughly 3.5 penalty minutes per game).

What people seem to overlook is that Probert was also a complete source of secondary scoring for the Red Wings when called upon.

He only took roughly 1109 shots through his entire playing career, but finished with a 14.7% shooting percentage. That’s insanely high for a 3rd/4th line grinder/enforcer.

Probert knew he was a complete player, and on November 25, 1992, he made it his mission that night to remind the fans at Joe Louis Arena of that. He put on a show that night against the St. Louis Blues that no one in attendance would forget.

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