Kirk Herbstreit explains the key to Michigan having success in 2020 and beyond

Regardless of how big of a Jim Harbaugh supporter you may be, you have to admit that he has not produced wins in Michigan's biggest games of the season.

Of course, those who are still in Harbaugh's corner are quick to point out that he really has not had a great quarterback, and though that may be his own fault, it is the truth.

Anyone who has even the most basic knowledge of football knows that quarterback is the most important player on the team. A great quarterback gives you a chance to win it all and the Wolverines have not had a QB like that in a very long time.

One person who agrees with that sentiment is ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit, who was recently asked about Michigan's chances in 2020 and beyond.

“I look at Michigan as a program that, unless they beat the Ohio States and Penn States, their fan base, and rightfully so, are going to be concerned and frustrated about where they stack up nationally and where they stack up in the Big Ten East,” Herbstreit said.

“I think they’re close.”

“I think quarterback play is a big part of it, to me, especially with the new system they’re running with Josh Gattis,” Herbstreit said. “You need a guy that’s consistent. You need a guy that can run. Kind of a dual-threat. Shea Patterson was a step in the right direction, but I think he was very erratic at times. That tended to backfire on them. Hate to put it all on one position, but that is, to me, a key spot. I’m excited to see McCaffrey, if he ends up getting the opportunity, if he can become that guy.”


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