Larry Brown jokes the Detroit Pistons should hire him again

Former Pistons coach Larry Brown says he knows who the team's next coach should be!

If you can believe it, the 20th anniversary of the Detroit Pistons stunning the NBA world by taking down the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers in the 2004 NBA Finals is just over a year away. And it wouldn't have been possible without head coach Larry Brown, who was hired by team legend Joe Dumars as a replacement for Rick Carlisle.

Larry Brown Pistons

Larry Brown jokes the Pistons should hire him again

Right now, the Pistons are in the midst of a coaching search after deciding against bringing back Dwane Casey for a 6th season. They were also allegedly shot down by now-former Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams despite having allegedly offered him a big-money contract.

So, who does the former Pistons bench boss believe the team should hire to help guide the likes of Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, Isaiah Stewart, and Jalen Duren?

“They should hire me!” he said during an appearance on the “Restore the Floor” podcast. “You got all these young players and Cade is like family to me. His brother played for me at SMU, so Cade and his family were at all of our games. We'd play and instead of watching the game, he'd go into the workout room and shoot baskets. I love him to death and he's a high-character kid. I know Stewart well, I went out to Washington when he was there and watched him play. An unbelievably high-character kid.”

“(Jaden) Ivey is going to be special. (Pistons Associate GM) George David came to so many of our practices and he was dreaming of getting both Ivey and Jalen in the Draft, but he didn't think it was possible. But lo and behold, they get the two kids they want. I think they're going in the right direction.”

Wrapping It Up: Larry Brown believes Pistons are moving in the right direction

While Brown almost certainly won't be the next Pistons head coach, owing to the fact that he's now 82 years of age, there's no doubt that his mind remains as sharp as ever in the game that he's spent his whole life teaching.

The Pistons could certainly stand to benefit by using Brown as part of an advisory team moving forward.