LeBron James smuggles in bottle of liquor to Game 5 of NBA Finals [Photo]

LeBron James did not have what it takes to make the 2021 NBA Finals but that was not enough to keep him out of the stadium for Game 5 on Saturday night.

But not only was James in the front row for Game 5 but he managed to smuggle in a bottle of tequila.

As you can see below, James is sitting courtside with a half-gone bottle of Lobos 1707 tequila under his chair. (By the way, LeBron just so happens to be an investor in the Lobos 1707 tequila brand.)

33 thoughts on “LeBron James smuggles in bottle of liquor to Game 5 of NBA Finals [Photo]”

      • How many random people do you know that sneak liquor into sporting events and have a net worth of $500,000,000?

        • They wouldn’t have too… they have drinks 🍹 in the “sweet” as they watch the game on the CC TV system while at the stadium 🏟

      • I am , and you’re a just another keyboard badass bwhahahaha! I imagine Biden will lick your nutz but only if you’re a minor! hahahaha

  1. So if he did, come on he has did a lot for the NBA as long as he wasn’t drunk and creating any disturbances. Leave him alone.

    • GVERyfew random people are making $1,000,000s from the league that’s he just embarrassed. The average “fan” would have Ben immediately ejected.

      • He hasn’t ruined shit, most white supremacist don’t like him, because he speaks against racism! Periodt

        • that’s a stock black answer, they say that to everything, like a white might say , blacks are all thugs and dope dealers and all are on welfare. get a life. He should have been thrown out, just like anybody else would have, he is no better than a average fan, he has no respect for anybody other than himself.

        • Lmao, most white people don’t like him because he’s a black supremacist. He loves to show everyone that the rules don’t apply to a black racist.

        • Okay, let’s make it about race…good grief. The issue is the he is worth millions but can’t afford to buy his beverage from the stadium. I’m guessing an average Joe would have been asked to leave. Privilege has no color boundaries.

        • It’s nice to see that the democrats have given you your talking points, everything and everyone is racist!
          You’re as dumb as you are stupid!

  2. Cannot piss him off. Forget that the consession

    NBA says he can do as he wants. That is the reason so many people including me will not watch NBA.

  3. Just leave the man alone it’s not excuse he should not brought the bottle but really who cares people are going through a lot right now and you all are worried about this really. I tried getting help myself but it’s just to late I’m very suicidal and depressed depression and anxiety is a thing their should be an awareness for this my job discriminates it

    • Hi, I don’t know you or your situation but I do know that somebody loves and cares about you! If nobody then Jesus definitely does!! You are worth more than you think and no matter what you’re going thru right now will or will ever go thru in life will not last forever! Keep your head up and always remember God will never leave you nor forsake you! ❤️ God Bless You!

    • Praying for you Jose!! Please stay strong. There are no “do overs” when one decides to end life. Please know that whatever you are dealing with will pass. It always does. You are not alone.

    • Put all that in God’s hands and pray real hard he might not come when you want him to but he will come on time trust and believe keep your head up baby 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. Free advertising for his brand. For the cost of 1 bottle of tequila, the whole country who probably have never even heard of Lobos 1707 now has.

  5. He is so oppressed, a billionaire crybaby who is above the law. What would happen if you tried to bring an open container in your car? Into a sports venue? Yep, he is oppressed.

  6. Even when y guys talk down on Labron and scandalizes his name he is still making his money. Even when he sat court side with his bottle of tequila he made his money see so everything that he is doing really it’s working in his favor.Even hators help the man get paid and he sits on court side and have a drink on you hators

  7. Not surprising. The day the NBA lost my respect was during the rolling black outs and had a game during blizzard conditions in one of the biggest buildings in the city. While millionaires shoot hoops and make money you have families who’s power is turned off and at risk due to medical issues, when they could have used the space for a warning station and done some benefit. You won’t have fans if they are frozen to death. Cmon let’s use our brains people.

  8. Let’s face it. People either like you or they don’t. People who are successful are gonna have “haters”. Y’all hate lebron because he put on a act on the court. Well maybe they should get some better refs. Plus Lebron don’t do anything so y’all need something petty to nic nac about.

  9. Jose, it’s never too late, people do care, I care about you and I have never met you. Please talk to someone, anyone. I understand where you coming from. I am confident that you can walk into any place where people gather to worship and someone would be willing to listen and help. Never give up! Jose many people do care about other people

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