The Detroit Lions: Cubs learning to roar

The Detroit Lions have long been known as the franchise that comes up just short. Sure, they had a great run in the 90’s with the likes of Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, and Chris Spielman, but at the end of the day they simply could not win when they needed to the most.

Over the past 15 years, the Lions have been irrelevant for the most part. Only when they made the playoffs in 2011 did they come close to what they used to be, but even then they lost to a good New Orleans Saints team on the road. Once again the Lions had come up short when they had an opportunity to do something great.

In 2014 the Lions started to look like a team that had finally turned the corner. They finished the season with 11 wins and qualified for the playoffs. In the first round the Lions led for most of the game against the Dallas Cowboys, only to come up short when Tony Romo led a furious comeback to seal a 24-20 victory. Again, the Lions could not rise to the occasion when performing on the big stage.

Detroit will be just as good in 2015 as long as they draft wisely and have a solid offensive line. But in the end, who really fears the Lions?

Sure, they should win at least nine games this year based on talent alone, but even if that’s enough to make the playoffs for a second year in a row, who really thinks Detroit will win?

The Lions are essentially the Buffalo Bills of the NFC. They should have a solid team, but unless they figure out how to win against good teams, they will continue to be in the shadow of the Green Bay Packers.

The Lions have a difficult schedule on paper including games against Denver, Seattle, Green Bay, Arizona, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Kansas City. How they fare in those games will go a long way in telling us whether these are the Detroit Cubs, or the Detroit Lions.